Welcome to Jamorr Entertainment.

About Jamorr Entertainment

Jamorr is a full service consultant company dedicated to the LGBTQ community. Through training and development, event management and social marketing, Jamorr provides avenues for youth, education, entertainment and sports events.

How we work

Jamorr Entertainment provides training and development sessions in LGBTQ issues in relation to HBCU's. (Safe Space Trainings, Cultural Competency)

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Please feel free to contact us. We provide top quality customer care.

I HATE this.

I HATE this. Just a small look inside my life as a caregiver. One of our many visits to urgent care.  Been here over 8+ hours now.  But this fell upon my heart and I just started typing.  So forgive me if it reads erratic and all over the place. You will understand when you […]